What is the meaning of Taekwondo Belts?

According to a modern interpretation here is the symbolic meaning of Taekwondo belts:

  • White belt: 

The white belt represents purity student who starts practicing taekwondo.The new student is compared to a white sheet on which the teacher writes the essence of technique all his teachings.

white belt

  • Yellow belt:

The yellow belt represents the earth in which the master deposits the seed.The seed symbolizes the essence of taekwondo which the teacher transmits to student through the basics of teaching.

yellow belt

  • Green belt

The green belt is the third step. Green indicates the birth of a new shoot which emerges from the earth. In this stage the student who has learned the basics begins to take more and more technique’s control.

green belt

  • Blue belt

The blue belt, symbolizes the sky towards whom the plant grows becoming stronger and more robust. In this stage the student acquires self-esteem and self-control that will conduct him for all life.

blue belt

  • Red belt

The red belt symbolizes the end of the day. The red is seen at sunset. The student ends his learning path. Now it is ready to face the night. The athlete now has full mastery of his techniques, and is ready for the next step.

red belt

  • Black belt

The black belt indicates the night before the new dawn. Now the student is preparing to start a new path. The teacher sent the student all the knowledge, the white paper has now become full of ink. After the black belt student starts the true path in taekwondo. The new dawn will in fact be the beginning of new life as a black belt.

black belt


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